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 We would love to hear your partnership ideas we are listening to create phenomenal content for our lifestyle readers and everyday women.

It’s Her Era is still a brand new blog and we are building every day. With that said we are building our resume but we are ready to build, create, and write.

Therefore, at this time we do not have an example of our work. Stefanie instead has 5 years of network marketing through companies like It Works, Senegence, Le-Vel, Usborne, Maskcara, Red Aspen. Majority of her experience and knowledge has come through It Works as a distributor at a Diamond Leader rank. Stefanie has had tremendous success as well as fails to look for the business “home”. Overall she takes the experience each company as valuable experience as she takes on blogging and her love of a writing. At this time she is focused on being a lifestyle blog sharing life experience and wisdom of being a special needs mom as well as bringing positive and uplifting content. The goal is to empower the everyday women of all walks of life.

Our goals are to promote, build, empower

Collaboration opportunities include: Sponsored Posts, Social Media Promotion, Giveaways, Brand Ambassadorship, Product Review.

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